Our Story

                          When CEO Jarrett Bauer discovered that his grandmother was readmitted to the hospital for an avoidable CHF exacerbation, he thought to himself, “there must be a better way.” Leveraging his extensive background in healthcare, Jarrett set out to actualize his vision of an appealing solution to the nation-wide issue of hospital readmissions. The result was the birth of Health Recovery Solutions in 2011, when Jarrett and founding partners Rohan Udeshi and Dan Priece utilized innovative technology to create an engaging, completely cloud-based platform for patients and their families, which was also fully optimized for clinicians. From its humble beginnings with three guys in a one-bedroom NYC apartment, HRS has expanded to a Hoboken office with over 30 employees, servicing over 80 leading medical centers and over 30,000 patients. HRS has become a market leader in remote patient monitoring and will continue to reinvent the latest and greatest solutions for years to come.

                          Our Mission

                          Health Recovery Solutions was created on the belief that the most effective health care is basic and uncomplicated. We believe that outpatient care is as vital as inpatient care. We believe that one of the worst possible things is not having a voice or the tools to succeed once you leave the hospital. We are committed to the idea that the only way to reduce healthcare costs is to change patient behavior.

                          We Aim To

                          • Engage Patients
                          • Reduce Readmissions
                          • Engage and Reduce Nurse's Time
                          • Market the Results and Efforts of Our Partners
                          • Make a Positive Impact

                          Our Core Values

                          • We operate with honesty and respect
                          • We only hire compassionate people
                          • We ensure that our product works efficiently and effectively
                          • We nurture the success of our product by providing exceptional support
                          • We encourage a lively and enjoyable work environment
                          • Above all, we prioritize our mission to improve patients' lives

                          We Are A Trusted Solution

                          An industry leader in care solutions, HRS is currently utilized in over 80 leading medical centers. Thanks to Health Recovery Solutions' patented tablet application, nurses, doctors and family members nationwide are now able to provide extensive, remote care from virtually anywhere – all while patients are in the comfort of their own homes.

                          Our Team