Improving Patient Care

                          Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) supplies leading medical centers and home care agencies with the most advanced remote monitoring platform focused on changing patient behavior to reduce readmissions and improve clinical outcomes. HRS’ disease-specific engagement kits are customized with educational video, care plans, medication reminders while integrated with Bluetooth peripherals to engage patients. For clinicians, HRS' software allows for the management of high-risk patients and provides seamless communication with them through video chat, wound imaging and text messaging. For family members and caregivers, HRS' software gives them the ability to be fully involved in their family member's care and well-being.

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                          Increase Patient Engagement

                          We engage patients in their own recovery and wellness through alerts, medical education, video chat with a clinician and multiple digital tools

                          Cut Costs

                          Reduce skilled nursing visits for your staff and cut telemonitoring FTEs through video visits and wound imaging

                          Reduce Readmissions

                          Our remote care platform is clinically proven to help reduce hospital readmissions

                          Reduce Clinician Overhead

                          Clinicians can visualize, at a glance, patients that are at high risk for readmission alongside those who are on track with their recovery plan

                          HRS Provides Healthcare to:
                          13 of the Top 100 Medical Centers | 17 of the Largest Home Care Agencies | 40,000+ Patients Across the Country

                          HRS Clinically Proven

                          Hackensack Alliance Care Organization
                          Hackensack Alliance Care Organization

                          Challenge: Reduce 30-day Hospital readmissions and increase patient engagement

                          Solution: Give patients the tools to manage their own care through HRS' software

                          Results: A randomized clinical study was performed by Hackensack Hospital and Holy Name Medical Center to evaluate the effectiveness of using HRS’ solution to increase patient engagement and lower 30-day hospital readmissions. The results of the study indicated that there was a statistically significant drop in readmissions for the group of patients using HRS’ tablet compared with those who did not, 8% versus 28%, respectively.

                          MaineHealth Care at Home
                          MaineHealth Care at Home

                          Challenge: Support telehealth nurses in reducing readmissions for fragile and at-risk patients

                          Solution: Use HRS' software and reminders provided for patients to take their daily vitals

                          Results: MHCAH launched the new generation of technology from Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) in 2015 to support the care of their most fragile and at-risk patients. Of the 474 patients placed on the HRS Patient Connect? Platform from April 2015 to April 2016, there was a 4.2% 30-day readmission rate, which is a 75% reduction in overall 30-day hospital readmissions for chronic disease patients. The state average in Maine is 16.6%.

                          FirstHealth of The Carolinas
                          FirstHealth of The Carolinas

                          Challenge: Reduce 30-day hospital readmissions for CHF, Diabetes and COPD patients

                          Solution: Implement the HRS remote patient-monitoring platform

                          Results: The HRS telehealth remote patient-monitoring platform has allowed FirstHealth to reduce the number of costly home nursing visits while improving the quality of care. First Health' home visits per 60 days in 2015 was 4.8 visits, 40% lower than the national average. Of the 175 heart failure patients monitored to date for Community Care, there has been a 40% reduction in the number of hospitalizations as compared to the six months prior to enrollment in the Center for Telehealth. That represents over 80 avoided hospitalizations and a $560,000 savings to the State's Medicaid Program.

                          Catholic Health
                          McAuley Seton Home Care
                          McAuley Seton Home Care

                          Challenge: Reduce 30-day hospital readmissions and continue to provide quality care

                          Solution: Use HRS' innovative software to increase patient compliance

                          Results: While New York's average for 30-day home care hospital readmissions is 16.4%, Catholic Health and HRS were able to achieve a 6% readmission rate for its CHF patients last quarter. The low 6% 30-day readmission rate is mostly contributed to extremely high daily compliance rates. For example, patients using HRS's software and hardware engagement kits had a 90% daily adherence rate for recording their blood pressure, weight, and oxygen levels. They answered the daily symptom questionnaire 82% of the time.

                          Cornerstone VNA
                          Cornerstone VNA

                          Challenge: Reduce 30-day readmissions for CHF patients

                          Solution: Implement the HRS disease-specific software

                          Results: HRS's disease-specific software is designed to engage patients with education videos, teach-back quizzes, care plans and surveys, and allows for video conferencing with nurses and family members. The software is loaded on tablets and provides all the standard telehealth monitoring while integrated with wireless Bluetooth devices. With a focus on engagement and education, Cornerstone VNA now has a 4.8% 30-day readmission rate for its CHF patients using HRS's software.

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                          How it Works

                          Advanced Connectivity

                          4G tablet with pre-loaded HRS software is provided at discharge. Automatic Setup can be achieved through EHR Integration

                          Engaging Compliance

                          Patients use tablets to comply with treatment plan & remain engaged                                                       

                          Data Tracking

                          Data input to track activity, diet, weight & medication available for clinician & caregiver review

                          Educational Modules

                          Patients have access to teach-back quizzes and over 2000 education videos covering multiple topics and conditions

                          Video Chat

                          Clinicians can instantly communicate and visually inspect patient symptoms, which reduces time and money spent on home visits

                          Critical Alerts

                          Caregivers & clinicians receive alerts to intervene if patient is at increased risk for readmission

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